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We have recorded two tracks. Download and listen to track one before you listen to track two.

One track
On April 26th, 2011 we recorded The Language of Light through a channeled session. The recording can be downloaded below.

Two tracks
On May 5th, 2011 we received more channeled information telling us to make a second recording where we were asked to put the first track on top of itself with a 30 seconds interval. So this second download will start off with track one for 30 seconds and then track one will start again on top of itself. It sounds really weird and we were told it has to be this way because it will easier go into our subconscious mind. There is so much going with the two track recording so the conscious mind has no way of keeping up. As such track two will be able to reach our subconscious mind without the conscious mind trying to filter out stuff.

For a more efficient DNA activation you should first listening to track one a few times before listening to track two. Also, the most efficient time period to listen to the Language of Light is when you go to bed at night - just before sleeping.



You can listen to the The Language of Light with one track by Clicking here

Please note that the mp3 file is app. 10 MB in size and hence it can take some time before the audio starts playing.

You can also right click and save the Language of Light as an mp3 file. Choose Save target as.. when you right click.


You can listen to the The Language of Light with two tracks by clicking here

You can also right click and save the Language of Light as an mp3 file. Choose Save target as.. when you right click.


DOWNLOAD PDF file containg the explanation of the Language of Light


Download this pdf file containg the explaination of how the Language of Light is an important tool in our awakening process and how the pyramids play an important part as well. Download the pdf by clicking here

The Language of Light
contains many layers and when listening to it several times you will notice how the sound and pace changes. Some people will get an immediate reaction and this is nothing to worry about. You might feel some pressure in your heart or a sensation going through your body. Some have informed us that they feel a lightning of love going through their heart and they can´t control their emotions. They are overwhelmed with joy. Others might not consciously feel anything, but we have been informed that at the DNA level an activation is occuring and it will be registered at the subconscious level.


We appreciate your feedback. If you consciously feel something after listening to The Language of Light and would like to share it please contact us with your feedback.


All the best,
Lilli & Camillo :)

Thought Provoking - The Paradox of Creation by Camillo Loken

Helping you see the Bigger Picture of Reality and becoming a CONSCIOUS CREATOR of your own life.

This book is going into detail about how the cycles of creation are driven by the core PARADOX of The Infinite and The Finite.
This book is a thought povoking book about how creation came about. The book is showing "the bigger picture of creation". People who are well read in the spiritual/metaphysical arena, reading more than 200 books a year, have reported that they have never encountered this way of looking at Creation before. So, it might be a real eye-opener for anyone reading it. Below is a video with a brief explanation of The Paradox.

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