Videos - Language of Light


Below you will find 3 videos with the Language of Light. The first one contains one track of the Language and the second one contains two tracks. In the video containing two tracks the second track will start app. 30 seconds after the first one. There is also a third video which includes 15 Language of Light symbols/interdimensional scripts. These scripts are "living languages"  sending out resonant beneficial frequencies to all who view them. The combination of the audio track with the symbols is an optimal one for DNA activation. The symbols/interdimensional scripts are made by Bryan De Flores -

You can read more about the Language of Light and DNA activation here

First video with one track


Second video with two tracks

You can download both these audio tracks as free mp3 files along with a free pdf explaining the importance of the Language of Light in these times of awakening by clicking here

Third video with 15 symbols/interdimensional scripts from Bryan De Flores

These symbols/interdimensional scripts are made by Bryan De Flores. Here is an extract from his webpage

The Language of Light began to manifest itself to me upon my awakening. It was instantly recognizable, as it is to many people, and was equally easy to write and draw. Throughout the years I have learned to decode this language and have met many individuals who can speak it and sign it with their hands.
The scripts below are "living languages"; sending out resonant beneficial frequencies to all who view them. These divine scripts will greatly enhance the creative energy flowing through you and allow you clear connection with your divine heritage and soul family. As you look at the designs and strips of language below, allow yourself to feel the energy rather than try and figure it out through the mental body.








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